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Your competitor does.

What the heck is SEO!

You may know a little about what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is or you may not know what it is at all. When I ask small business owners if their site is optimized mostly they give me a befuddled look. Then, I ask them, "Have you ever heard of SEO?" they usually ask me "What the heck is SEO?" followed by "Are you making that up?". SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.

In a nutshell, SEO is the process of making your web site place higher in organic search engine results for a set of keywords or phrases that are most relevant to your business.

The higher your web site shows up in search engines, the better chance you have of somebody going to your site, finding your contact info and start doing business with you.

How do you 'SEO' my site?

There are many steps in properly optimizing a web site for search engines but the most important step is keeping up with it. If you are not optimizing your web site, you can be rest assured that most of your competitors are. To keep your site at the top of the search engines, you need somebody to be constantly bailing water out of your boat so your site doesn't sink to the depths of search engine obscurity.

Along with properly setting up your meta tag title, description and keywords I will also review your web site coding to make sure that it's search engine friendly. These are only two of a series of steps that need to take place for your site to be properly optimized. Please call me for a free consultation and I can help you get your site up and out of the deep end of the web.